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The Wine I Never Got to Drink


About a week ago a friend of my wife’s flew in to town for the weekend for a quick visit.  As she hadn’t seen her parents in a while, we all went to her parents house for some wine, music, and to catch up on stories.  Knowing that our friend’s parents enjoy wine, I brought a bottle of 2005 Nk’mip Cellars Qwam Qwmt (reserve) Pinot Noir.

I had picked up this bottle on our trip to Osoyoos back in May and was looking forward to it.  I’m not a fan of Nk’mip wines, but this one stuck out for me.  And I had to pay a premium to get it too.

So I brought it along and set it on the table with the other wines when we got there.  There was another bottle of some South African wine already open that they were serving, so I just set mine aside for a while and had some of theirs.  It seemed that there was enough wine, so I decided at some point in the night to leave my bottle unopened and save it for another time.

We ended up having a great night sitting outside around a fire, telling stories, singing songs, and enjoying good company.  In no time at all it was incredibly late and time to leave.  When we got up to get all our things together, all I could find of my wine was the empty bottle sitting in the sink.  I couldn’t imagine how it had gotten that way.  There were only about 8 of us there, so I surely would have seen someone pouring a glass.  I had switched to beer by that point, so I don’t even know if I did have any of it.  Had I seen it open, I would have been sure to have a glass.

But, I imagine this happens to everyone from time to time.  So here’s to that bottle of wine that I never got to drink.

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