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2006 Oliver Twist Merlot

2006 Oliver Twist Merlot

I bought this bottle in May 2008 during a trip to Osoyoos.  When we visited the winery, I had not had any of their wines before.

The owner of the winery, Bruce Hagerman, did the tasting for us.  I was quite impressed with their wines, especially for a winery I had barely heard of.  He warned us that this wine had just been bottled, and was therefore quite young when we tasted it.  He suggested that we should hold it for at least 6 months before cracking it.  Although it did taste very young, we bought a bottle in the hopes that it would mellow and blend with age.  After the 6 months, I had trouble finding a time to justify opening it.  This past week I finished an incredibly difficult taxation class and thought a summer BBQ to celebrate my completion of the course was the best time.

I was quite surprised with how well this wine aged after just over a year.  It had mellowed a little bit more than I expected and was incredibly smooth (possibly due to the unexpectedly hot summer we had).  I would say this wine was close to its best and now would be an excellent time to open one if you happen to have one.

Well received and very enjoyable.

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