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How I Write about Wine

I was thinking this past weekend about how I’ve been writing about wine.  I think I got away from my real intention, which was to write about my experiences with the wines I drink and not just write about the wine itself.  I’m not an expert on wine, just an occasional hobbyist.

So, I have removed the ratings and reviews I had for all of the wines.  In the future, I’m going to try to indicate more along the lines of ‘love it’, ‘like it’, and ‘not for me’ and talk a bit more about my experience with the wine.

I have a couple of reasons for this, but mainly I don’t want to discredit a good or great wine because I had a poor experience with it.  Another reason is that I have a different experience with a particular wine each time I drink it.  Especially being that I’m no professional, things like what I have for dinner play a significant role in how the wine tastes to me.

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

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