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Update: Proposed Vancouver Wine Bylaw

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Great news for wine lovers in (or visiting) Vancouver!  Vancouver City Council has revised the new proposed bylaw to state that establishments under a restaurant license must offer their full menu while alcohol is being served.  This is a much more lenient limit to the original 50/50 ratio that was proposed.

Here are links to articles posted by the Vancouver Sun and News 1130 for more information.

See my original post here.


Proposed Vancouver Wine Bylaw

October 27, 2009 1 comment

I’m sure most of you have already heard about this new proposed bylaw; however, thought I should post it just in case you haven’t.  If you live in the Vancouver area and drink BC wine at restaurants, this could definitely affect your nights out.  The bylaw is supposedly up for revisions before becoming official, so no need to panic yet.

The proposed bylaw is aimed at restaurants that operate as bars and requires restaurants to maintain a maximum 50% of their total sales from liquor sales.  However, the unintended impact will be on sales of finer wines.  Say, for example, you go for dinner and order with your spouse and each order a $25 entree and are looking at a $60 bottle of wine on the menu.  In order to be able to order the wine, you would also have to order a $10 appetizer to achieve the 50% maximum requirement.

While the bylaw does not require the 50% maximum to be enforced on a table by table basis, it does require the ratio to be achieved for every 8 hour window.  So if everyone in a restaurant stays within the 50% maximum, and one table orders a $150 bottle of wine and a $10 appetizer, subsequent tables may be limited to below the 50% maximum in order for the 8 hour period to as whole to meet the requirement.

For more information, this article was posted today in the Vancouver Sun today.

Additionally, here is the discussion (on page 10) that was discussed by the City of Vancouver P&E Committee in their October 8, 2009 Agenda.